Privacy in a Brand Name Hotel – Protect Your Possessions

A YouTube user posted this video of a hotel housekeeping associate going through his belongings. Check our comments below for prevention tips!

Do you really require a clean set of sheets every day you stay in a hotel? Not so much. Normally, hotels offer one enough amenities to allow a single occupant to stay for three days without needing new towels, etc.

We strongly recommend using the Do Not Disturb signage on your door at all times and leaving the TV on in your room when away. This will give the appearance that the room is occupied.

Single room occupants can give a simple shout into the room upon departure of, “Be back in a bit, honey!” to give the impression to any bystander that someone remains in the room.

The majority of hotels will bring new towels to your room, if needed, prior to a certain time of evening, if you simply call either the front desk or housekeeping directly. In less helpful hotels, simply visit the front desk and ask for more towels. In other cases, one can even snag clean towels from the pool or fitness room when needed.

Make sure all computerized equipment employs password protection and tracking software, when available. Although many protections can be beaten by hackers, a simple thief like the one shown saw it was too much trouble for her time and capabilities to try and access personal information kept in the guest’s laptop or to take it with her.