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Columbia Investigations and its detectives have been noteworthy and newsworthy, appearing in print, radio, and television interviews, including multiple episodes of the Oxygen crime-documentary series Snapped. Please be aware that we will never violate a clients confidentiality…ever! Our clients come first!

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  • Snapped: Preview – Lucille Duncan (Season 20, Episode 4) | Oxygen

    When a body is discovered in the woods, authorities ask if he’s the victim of revenge from an ex-girlfriend, her over-protective brother or her 14-year-old son.

  • Snapped: Sneak Peek – A Body in the Woods (Season 20, Episode 4) | Oxygen

    A man in the suburbs of Columbia, MO makes a grisly discovery on his property.

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  • Cell Phone, Tablet Hacking Becoming More Prevalent

    COLUMBIA – Our cell phones and tablets hold our most sensitive personal information. Sometimes they track more of our lives than we’re comfortable with. The Missouri State Highway Patrol’s Digital Forensics Unit examined 239 cell phones and 95 computers potentially hacked in 2014, and those are not the only hacking cases in mid-Missouri. Private Investigator […]

  • Local Sex Offenders a Cause for Concern

    I got an email this week from Melinda Kidder, a private detective with a heart for children’s issues.

  • City Allows Scavengers and Detectives Dominion Over Trash

    At last night’s Columbia City Council meeting, speakers ranging from private investigators to self-proclaimed “Dumpster divers” protested a proposed ordinance making it illegal to take trash or recyclables from the curb.

  • Private Investigators Declassified

    What is happening to our children? Children are being bought, sold and smuggled right under our noses right here in the United States, maybe right in your own neighborhood.

  • Networks Advance Child Trafficking Investigation

    Melinda Kidder of Columbia Investigations. Kidder, a PI, and Siedow each began making phone calls and posting Facebook and IM messages at a fast and furious clip.

  • On the Job: Private Investigator

    Between hanging with her little girl and practicing martial arts, Melinda Kidder scopes out scenes to get the dirt on unanswered questions and finds out some unwanted information, too.

  • Inquiring Eyes

    Private investigator Melinda Kidder, owner of Columbia Investigations, uses her natural inquisitiveness and discipline developed through martial arts to solve cases.