It is vital that you read the entirety of this page, including the FAQ section, prior to scheduling an appointment, in order to be fully informed. Columbia Investigations is one of a small handful of specialized agencies or individuals in the United States who are qualified to offer what are commonly referred to in the vernacular as “scans” for radio frequency identification, nanomaterials, and similar technologies in individuals. In addition, Columbia Investigations has supplemental testing which will become the standard via the International Environmental Intelligence Agency (IEIA) Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Training, Exam and Certification regimen.

The Owner of Columbia Investigations and the developer of the protocols is Melinda Kidder, a Missouri State Licensed Private Investigator; National Registry of Environmental Professionals Certified Environmental Safety Compliance Officer; Former NREP SCADA Committee Member; IEIA H-SCADA Bio-Energy Field Professional; and IEIA Fellow in Bio-Engineering, Advanced Materials, and Nanotechnology in Applied Science and Engineering. The scans are professionally referred to as the H-SCADA Assessment Protocols. Kidder is also co-author of the NREP – SCADA Certification Exam Required Study Guide, Available on Amazon.com.

Scans are conducted over a period of approximately one to two hours in order to allow for intermittent signals either being transmitted or received, if any devices or nanomaterials are present in the client’s body. Equipment is tested before and throughout a scheduled appointment to ensure proper function. Scans are conducted over the entirety of the client’s body and then again with special focus on points of concern to the client, afterwards, in order to avoid bias. Any observations of note are documented with accuracy in a written report which is provided to the client within approximately two weeks of the scan date. The longest it has ever taken a client to receive their report is thirty days.

Clients are referred to professionals in medical and mental health fields as perceived necessary upon conclusion of the assessment.

Cost of the H-SCADA Assessment Protocols and subsequent documentation provided by Columbia Investigations are $1600 as of the date of this letter. An assessment can be scheduled in our offices or a SCADA Professional can come to you. If you choose to have a SCADA Professional come to you, please note that you will be required to cover reasonable travel expenses which will be mutually agreed upon and paid in advance.

Expert court testimony and travel expenses are billed separately and should be discussed prior to making any commitment if you believe your assessment results will be used in litigation. It should be noted, however, that we will only provide testimony in a case where you have retained legal counsel. There is an old proverb, upon which Abraham Lincoln based his famous quote, which states that, “A man who is his own lawyer has a fool for his client.” Many cases have been lost because one did not understand the jurisdiction, rules of law, muddied the waters of fact with opinion, or their pleadings simply became emotionally charged. These are complicated matters which require a competent legal mind to help you reach your goals.

More About Melinda Kidder and the Development of H-SCADA Assessment Protocols

When Kidder first matriculated, her desires were geared towards the fields of Athletic Training and Sports Medicine. As a result, coursework focused heavily on anatomy and physiology along with practical application with athletes. Kidder had four years of practical experience working in the Athletic Training Department, providing direct diagnoses and treatment of physical injuries on and off the sports field. She also attended Athletic Training & Sports Medicine Training Camps provided by Emporia State University and the University of Texas at Arlington. This background in anatomy and treatment of physical injuries provides Kidder a unique perspective into the human body, distinctive among private investigators.

Later in her University career, however, Kidder believed that she could do more good for others in the fields of Psychology, Sociology and Criminal Justice. Her focus shifted to these areas with heavy emphasis, earning her a Bachelors Degree in the Administration of Justice from the University of Missouri at Kansas City. Kidder was highly recognized by the Department of Sociology and earned the Edward Tomich Memorial Award, graduating with honors from the Alpha Kappa Delta Society. She is currently one class short of a Bachelors Degree in Psychology.

With experience since the early 1990’s in Private Investigation, Loss Prevention, Private Security & Personal Protection, Kidder has had an intimate knowledge of surveillance, intelligence, asset tracking, GPS, and communications systems.

Soon after Kidder began Technical Surveillance & Countermeasures (TSCM) work, more commonly known as bug-sweeps, she was approached by an individual who asked her to sweep his body for bugs. She thought that sounded a bit bizarre and asked the man to explain the situation. He’d been a private contractor for a government while working in the aeronautics industry and woke up one morning to discover he’d missed three days of time. He had an unusual scar and strange things were occurring in his life. Kidder agreed to sweep him for emissions of radio frequencies. The man tested positive for radio frequencies emitting from his body.

Kidder is autodidactic, seeking out knowledge wherever she can find it. She’d taught herself to build her own highly-functioning computers using the latest components and technologies available. She’d become a Ham Radio Technician. She seeks out webinars on a broad variety of topics, from Neuroscience to Latent Fingerprint Dusting and attends seminars on an assortment of topics of interest to her and benefit to her clients. The situation with the aeronautics worker intrigued and troubled her.

Kidder began researching disclosed technologies, consulting with other professionals and those who’ve termed themselves “Targeted Individuals”, and over the years developed what has become the H-SCADA Assessment Protocols. These Protocols are non-invasive tests which help the client, and other professionals with whom the client may work, to determine what might be occurring within their body at the time of the scan. The goal is to provide evidence for the client should they want to have a starting point for treatment, research and/or litigation.

Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance – Freedom Livecast

Melinda Kidder was a featured panelist on this live broadcast. Her segment begins in the 5th hour, at the 5:16:30 mark.



Question: Do you accept medical insurance to pay for the assessment?

No. We are not medical professionals and our H-SCADA assessment protocols are not medical tests. They are scientific in nature and, as such, are not covered by medical insurance.

Question: Are you licensed in my state if you travel to me?

Melinda Kidder is licensed as a Private Detective in the State of Missouri and can, therefore, only conduct investigations in the state of Missouri. However, Kidder is also a Certified Environmental Safety Compliance Officer, certified via the National Registry of Environmental Professionals and can conduct the H-SCADA Assessment Protocols in your area under that certification. In addition, if we have a partner Private Investigation Agency in your area, we will "piggyback" on their license and work with them (have them present) during your scan, simply for licensure purposes. Finally, Kidder is certified as an H-SCADA Bio-Energy Field Professional via IEIA and may function nationally under those auspices.

Question: How much are travel expenses if you come to me?

In our experience, thus far, travel expenses have been from $450-$1500, depending on the distance traveled, how quickly you need us, and the time of year. Christmas time is particularly expensive. In addition there is a per diem charged for being away from the office and unable to work with/for other clients. All fees will be discussed and agreed upon prior to travel.

Question: What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, cashier’s check, credit card and PayPal. If you pay via credit card, your statement will simply read "PayPal CI" or "MK".

Question: Can you connect me with other Targeted Individuals for support?

Not really. We protect the confidentiality of our clients. However, we recommend you reach out to TI organizations like Freedom From Covert Harassment for support: https://www.freedomfchs.com

Question: Do you accept payment arrangements?

Unfortunately, no. We've tried this in the past and several TI have taken our reports and never followed through with their payment agreements. As a result, that’s caused us to reconsider any kind of payment plan at this time.

Question: Will you help me if I get railroaded through the mental health system?

If you are a client and we have completed an assessment and report on you and you have tested positive for high EMF, etc, then yes. We will support you. We have supported other clients in the past and our report, along with that of another professional in the field, have caused the release of a TI from an involuntary commission into a psychiatric facility. In addition, our team consists of a mental health professional who understands the issues you’re dealing with and can work with you to provide you a mental health evaluation and support.

Question: Why does it cost $1600?

We have created a set of protocols which requires eight different types of equipment. This equipment requires at least annual calibration and/or replacement in order to maintain the integrity of the assessments to stand up in court and to our strict standards. In addition to maintaining and testing this equipment, we are the only entity who provides this testing which includes eight separate protocols along with a report to back up any evidence we uncover. Finally, in assisting you, the targeted individual, we place ourselves in a position of risk.

Question: When are you coming to my city?

Typically, a client will be unable to travel to us in Columbia, Missouri and pay for us to travel to their city to perform an assessment. When this happens, we pay for additional days in that city, out of pocket, and notify TI organizations that we will be in that city. The TI organizations notify their members where we will be in case it’s easier for them to meet with us at that time than to come all the way to Missouri.

Question: What can I expect during my assessment?

It’s a very relaxed setting and the scans are non-invasive. We start with an interview. Then we move on to several pieces of equipment which we simply move over the outside of your body while you stand. We also look into your eyes very briefly with UV lighting. Last, we have you lie down for the EMF scan, which takes the longest amount of time, due to the sensitivity of the equipment to movement. Rapid movement of the equipment can cause a false reading, so the EMF test goes very slowly. Finally, we sit down together and discuss the results of the assessment and any recommendations of the SCADA Professional.

Question: Do I need to do anything special to prepare for my assessment appointment?

No. We will provide you will a surgical scrub top and athletic shorts to wear if your appointment is in my home office. Women, please wear a sports bra if you own one (so that there are no metal clasps). We’ll ask you to remove any jewelry, belts and footwear since we offer metal detection as part of the assessment.

Question: What do I do once I have your report?

Once we send our report to you, we recommend you follow up on our recommendations or the recommendations of others whom you trust to determine the source of any signals or abnormalities of which we find evidence. We look for signals and trap and document them during your assessment, however, there are other professionals who track the source of these signals and causes of any abnormalities which may be uncovered. We highly recommend Dr. Hildegarde Staninger of Integrative Health Systems for that follow-up service. We’ve collaborated with her in the past and she’s been of great help to our clients. Although our work is considered more technical and scientific in nature and is non-medical, it can be compared in scope to that of a radiology technician in the following fashion: I run my equipment, document the results, and provide either you or your specialist (with your permission) the results. Your specialist will make the diagnosis and suggest the best course of treatment.

Question: What airport do I fly into if I come to your office?

Columbia Regional Airport (COU) is located in our city, however, it probably costs more to fly here than to fly into an adjacent city and rent a car to drive over. Most clients choose to fly into a major city like Kansas City Missouri (MCI) or Saint Louis Missouri (STL), rent a car, and drive 2.5 hours to us in Columbia, Missouri. If a client does not drive, there is also MO-X, an airport shuttle service which services both MCI and STL. We also have an Amtrak station located in Jefferson City which is approximately 45 minutes south of Columbia and a Greyhound bus station located less than ten miles from our office. If you do not have a phone which offers GPS direction support, we recommend that you either rent a GPS with your rental car or use mapquest to map your route prior to leaving home. Finally, if you need a local hotel or taxi recommendation, please contact us.

Question: Are you a Targeted Individual?

No. We do experience some harassment (internet hack attacks, recorded political message phone calls at all hours of the day and night), occasional threats, but not to the extent that you’re dealing with.